l’Eden Age Defying Cream

l’Eden: Age-Defying Cream is formulated with ingredients from Mother Nature to help you and your skin to provide longevity to cells, fight free radicals and stop oxidation processes. Its formula promotes a healthy looking skin and helps to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and typical age marks.
Packing 7 natural oils, natural juices from plants and fruits, and vitamins A, E, B-5 and C;
l’Eden has the elements you need to look and feel young and radiant and is designed using only natural, environmentally friendly products that are not only incredibly powerful for your skin, but also care for and protect the environment.
The components used in l’Eden are vegan, no tests have been conducted on animals and contain no ingredients from animals.
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The exclusive design of l’Eden: Age- Defying Cream airless jar, protects the cream from contamination and keep it fresh, maintaining all its properties.